Create New App

Blank New App: by clicking this card you open new app dialog.

Below are the properties of application you can determine in the dialog box:

  • Application name
  • Application Type from among options such as Mobile, Batch Import, Batch Export, Screen Library
  • Application Access Level from among options such as Public in Kuika Global, Domain Restricted,  Anonymous.


Public in Kuika Global option allows your app to be reached by everyone having subscription in Kuika, regardless of being a member of a domain or not.            

You can also restrict access level to user roles such as Business Analyst or Admin. By default, your app is accessible within your domain. And everyone in your domain have access to your app.

  • Selected Menus: You can group your apps under menus by choosing one or more menu option. Your app will be seen under the selected menus in Shell.


Your domain has a default menu called “Default menu”, in which your apps are placed under by default.

  • App Description You can enter information about the purpose and function of the application you are about to create.
  • Start button creates and initiates your app and makes it ready to design.

Create from Template:

By clicking this card you can see selectable templates.

Difference between template and a regular app is that templates are not published apps, they are rather stored app designs to be reused later.

Create from Existing:

By clicking this card you create app from existing apps. It creates an entirely new app copying design of an existing app.

Load App from File

By clicking this card you can upload an app design file from your repository to create a new app.