With this and following tutorials, you will learn how to navigate the Designer to design an application and how to use the Management to deploy an application.

Notes: A simple application with a String display field. In this tutorial, Domain indicates the domain that you are working in.

What you will build

In this tutorial you will build an application that displays a “Hello World” message

Create your application

  1. Log in to the design application Designer with your user name and password.
  2. Click New App on right top of the page.
  3. Click Blank New App card listed under New App section.
  4. Fill in the fields inside New App dialog box:
  • Enter Hello Kuika inside New App Name
  • (Optional) Enter a description inside App Description.
  1. Click Start!.

Create your screen

  1. Click   to create a screen.
  2. On New Screen panel write Hello Screen in Screen Name field and click Save.

Add Entities and Set Expressions

  1. On the left of the page, you can see Toolbox. Click on Basic Entities. Drag and drop String to Screen Design Canvas at the center of the page.
  2. On the dialog box opened, set Action to Display.
  3. Set Renderer to Field:Value.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Click String inside the canvas. Display Item Properties panel opens on the right side of the page.
  6. On Display Item Properties Panel, open String Settings panel by clicking    and rename your String to MOTD. Click Save.
  7. In Entity Variables list, click on MOTD_label.
  8. Under the menu bar on the top, you can see Expression Editor. Set expression
      MOTD_label = “Message of the day”     
  1. Click    on Expression Editor to save the expression.
  1. Click on MOTD_in in Entity Variables.
  2. Set expression
MOTD_in = “Hello Kuika!”
  1. Click    on Expression Editor.
  2. Click on Widget Toolbox in Screen Design Toolbox on the left of the page. Drag and drop Button to the canvas.
  3. Click Button inside the canvas.
  4. On Display Item Properties Panel, open Button Settings panel by clicking     and rename your Button to OK. Click Save.
  5. From Events sub panel, click OK_Click on Display Item Properties Panel.
  6. Check This Event Closes Screen and This Event Closes App options in Actions of the panel Event Binding For OK_Click.
  7. Click Bind Event.

Your application design is complete! It’s time to generate the app.

Generate your application

  1. Click Menu > Publish in the top-right corner.

Your application is ready to deploy!

Deploy your application

  1. Log in to Management.
  2. Switch to your domain Domain via menu at the top right of the page.
  3. On Apps, find Hello Kuika app and click QA Approve.
  4. Click Deploy.
  5. Then click Release (Activate).

Your app is now in use. You can reach and run it from Shell right away!

Run your application

  1. Log in to Shell.
  2. On top-left corner, click    .
  3. Click Select Domain.
  4. On Domain.
  5. Click Default Menu.
  6. On Apps, click Hello Kuika.

Your app is running!

  1. Click OK inside HelloScreen to close your app.

Congratulations! You created and ran your first app in Kuika.