Platform Overview

Kuika is a low-code platform to create apps for your business processes. You can create apps in hours by:

  • designing screens
  • drawing workflows

Once you design your app, you can generate it in a click and publish in seconds.

Kuika comprises  of three sub platforms:

  • Designer: Where you design your app.
  • Management: Where you publish your app.
  • Shell: Where you can run your apps.

In Kuika, you can create your domain and create apps specific to your domain. You can authorize who can access your apps: Anyone having Kuika account, any domain, or just members of your domain.

Applications have versions. Design changes in one version do not affect any other version(s). Only one version of an app can be active (running) at a time.

For a quick start, you can refer to Tutorials  section.

To see the overview of our platform, see User Guide.

Welcome to Kuika.