Designer Menu

To mention the menu content shortly:


  • Publish:   Prepares the app version to be deployed.
  • Generate App: Generates code for the app design and configures app versioning setting.
  • Save: Saves the current app design to the repository.
  • Save & Exit: Saves the current app design to the repository and exits the designer.
  • Saves as Template: Saves the current app design to be used as a template for future app designs. You can reach app templates via Create From Template option on the Create New App page.
  • Export App: Saves the current app design to a file and downloads the file.
  • Help: Leads you to the main page of Kuika’s documentation.
  • Exit App: Exits the app design environment without saving the changes made.

Designer is organized by three main areas:

  • Screens
  • Screen Designer
  • Workflow Designer, to which you can access via Add Workflow button.


Mind you, the apps are created initially without workflow.  If you need one, you can add a workflow to your app by clicking Add Workflow button.