Q1-Q2 2018 Releases

New type system functions

  1. TOGGLELEFTMENU; programatically opens/closes left menu
  2. WRITETOCONTEXT and READFROMCONTEXT; they register key-value pairs and reads them in the context of an app run time.
  3. GETPHOTOFROMGALLERY function added, that does not open the camera but opens the photo gallery of device
  4. NAVIGATEINMAINVIEW function added, that can be used in events in a page that is intended to be a left/right menu. Regular navigation will open the page in the same window, but this function will open it in the main context of the app.
  5. OPENEMAILCLIENT(emailaddress, subject, body), opens the email client on the device that app is running
  6. VALIDATEPHONENUMBER; getting a phonenumber, a prefix and length, and returns a value omitting not allowed digits, ensuring the prefix and not exceeding the max length
  7. TAKEPHOTO function added (opens the camera of the device, or file picker on the web.)
  8. SCANBARCODE type system function
  9. SENDPAGETOPRINTER type system function added, sends the current page to a defined printer.
  10. GROUP and SUMGROUP functions

Styling related additions/improvements

  1. New CSS options for the Dropdown section of the Select Box renderer
  2. New CSS options for radius styling of photo and photo url displays
  3. Copy/Paste stylings of a display item
  4. CSS property object-fit added for image related items
  5. Photo Display renderer extended with more css options
  6. It’s possible to set the styling of the buttons of slider

New events

  1. PageRefresh event added as screen event. It is not triggered by default, but can be used to group some expressions and be used with TRIGGEREVENT
  2. PullDownRefresh added as a screen event.
  3. New event and screen option InfiniteScroll added.
  4. SwipeLeft and SwipeRight added as a screen event.

New user options and screen options

  1. Show/hide the asterisk for mandatory fields
  2. User option added to set the type of text input, like password, email, tel etc.
  3. User options for Slider; loop, auto play, allow touch move
  4. Photo related renderers extended with a user option for “size limit to downscale”
  5. Screen option added to disable hardware back button for android devices

New variables

  1. Placeholder variable added to Image and Photo Display renderers (so an image of a given Url can be displayed until some data is loaded, or if no data exists for the entity)
  2. Placeholder variable added to numericinput renderer.
  3. Locations renderer extended with a variable for labels on map markers.

New components

  1. Fixed Headers
  2. Clients tab added to Management, to manage the clients.
  3. Scrollable column added. It’s a fixed height column, and it’s content can be scrolled if exceeds the height of the column.
  4. Line chart renderer added.
  5. Spinner widget.

New/Changed behaviors

  1. No alert is shown if value of gate_message variable is not set
  2. It is possible to revoke other devices when registering a new mobile device (userIsUnique in conf.js, app packaging configuration)
  3. All popups close on backdrop click
  4. Generated apps get their db connection string from web.config. This makes it easier to do on premise installations.
  5. Removed kLoader from all renderers, was causing performance issues.
  6. Switched push notificaton sending infrastructure to Firebase, both for Android and iOS

New features

  1. Sending push notification request extended to have app bundle id
  2. Sending push notification to all devices of an app (for a given app bundle id)
  3. Client configuration extended with app bundle id, so the device registration can be done per app. Device registration and user-device pair registration are done per app.
  4. In type system models, it’s possible to set unlimited size of string columns
  5. Support for asynchronous type system functions added.
  6. SMS, email and push notificaton sending pattern changed in the Core Api. We now send in batches.