New Mobile and Web Components

  • Custom splash screen that can show videos has been added.
  • Option to display content as HTML
  • Enabled and visible variables support “many” cardinality, so work nicely within repeating elements like cards
  • DateTime Component has been improved. It is now possible to configure which part of a date time object will be displayed, date only, time only or both.
  • You can configure the size and resolution of the file when taking photos or getting them from a gallery.

New Events and Behaviors

New events and behaviors are added to the Platform to be able to build applications with better user-experience.

  • New screen event: on successful login
  • User option: temporarily disable buttons on click
  •  Displaying navigation arrows of the slider are optional via the user options
  • Displaying system alert boxes or not in a mobile app is configurable
  • Enable/Disable content scroll is a screen setting
  • Enable/Disable swipe to open side menu is a screen setting  (needed for iOS apps)
  • Enable/Disable Backdrop click option is a setting of popup style screen navigations (needed for Android apps)
  • UI Masking as a user option for inputs
  • Page navigation animations have been added as a behavior. When navigating from one screen to another it is now possible to define animation effect.
  • Layout components also have events.

New Functions

With the new functions you can do more, visually and functionality-wise.

  • GETFROMPHOTOGALLERY: (new parameter) size limit has been added as a parameter.
  • TAKEPHOTO:  (new parameter) size limit has been added as a parameter.
  • ToNumericString: (new parameter) takes an optional parameter for number of decimal places to display.
  • BROADCAST:  broadcast any “event” and listen to it with the onbroadcast function.
  • ONBROADCAST: listen to any event you might broadcast.
  • SERVERDELETE: delete rows of data.
  • VALIDATEEMAIL: validate if a string is a sound mail format.
  • TRIMRIGHT: trim any given characters from the end of a given string.
  • ISWEEKDAY:  check if a given date is a week day.
  • OpenLinkInSystemBrowser: tell the operating system to open a link with its default web browser in a mobile app.
  • ToTitleCase: convert a text to have title case, so every word starts with a capital.
  • TakePhotoUrl: Take photos, upload them to Kuika server and save it as a url.
  • GetPhotoUrlFromGallery: Get a photo from the gallery.
  • StrReplace: Replace a given string with a given pattern.
  • StrIncludes: Check if a string includes a given pattern.
  • KUIKASEARCHONCLIENTSIDE:  Search on the client on already retrieved data, sometimes its better and more efficient to go the server on each query!
  • AttachFile: let the user pick a file.
  • ADDDAYS: modify a given date by adding or substracting given number of days.

New Messaging and Notification Features

  • Improvements to device registration: We have a much better and precise device registration backend now, sending push notifications and monitoring authentication is much better.
  • Sending push mechanism, retry error and counts implemented: if you are sending push notifications, emails or SMS’s in batches, we have now a configurable retry count.
  • Using the email client and redirecting to native phone to make calls in the mobile apps: with a function, you can make your users call a number or send emails via the mobile device’s default mail client.
  • Improve to set SMS confirmation token lifespan to a preset minutes : SMS login pages have a more precise countdown mechanism.
  • Improve security to invalidate a SMS or email confirmation token once a newer is generated: older tokens are invalidated once new ones are created for email and phonenumber confirmation.
  • Logging for SMS login requests: SMS login attempts are logged.
  • Security improvement: Access token is not attached to image sources. Image URL’s are still authenticated if you wish, but the access token is not attached to the URL, much safer!

Styling and Visual Improvements

These styling functions improve look-and-feel of the visual components and make easier to implement.
New options which will provide more capability in front-end development for an improved visual design and enhanced user experience:

New styling to pagebackground color, opacity, items-alignment, text-overflow and overflow
New styling to stringsbox shadow
New styling to buttonsbox shadow, vertical align
New styling to date time pickerpadding and border properties
New styling to dropdownsbackground-size
New stylings to div and spandisplay, flex-direction, content-alignment, overflow
New styling to containersz-index
New styling to imagesobject-fit, Upload images to be used as background image
New styling to label and h1word-wrap and white-space
New styling to inputsabsolute-height and border-radius
New styling to cardsdisplay, flex-direction, content-alignment
New effects to slider
New Themes have been addedReddish, Bond, Pearl
  • Improvement: Height and size of popup screens are dynamically adjusted to the content. Popup screens used to have a fixed height.
  • Improvement: Highlighting and item selection in canvas makes it easier to navigate and work on app designs.
  • Improvement: Styling properties for icon buttons have been added.

Installation and Management Enhancements

  • You can choose to server your pages from a server, or let them in the mobile app file package, whichever you choose.
  • Logging structure has been enhanced , our core API’s log much more now
  • A public logging endpoint for clients to call has been added.
  • Configure to be notified when a new user signs up to your app.
  • S3 option to store your uploaded files.
  • Custom mock data can be configured in design canvas.
  • Rate limits and web throttles can be configured
  • Storing the AUTH token in the mobile app in the local database is now possible and it is configurable.
  • Exposing errors of backend APIs and generated app APIs configurable. This you might prefer to switch on and off, depends which environment you are setting up the app: test or production.

Designer Improvements

User experience of the designer platform has been improved and broader capabilities in performance tuning and management of applications have been offered.

  • New Feature in Designer Create Workspace: This feature enables developers to create a workspace for their own and makes possible to create application groups with different model and separate database. Workspace can only be accessed by the creating developer.
  • New Feature in Designer Duplicate page: When designing an application it is now possible create a copy of an existing screen. This feature will be useful in speeding up development of similar user screens.
  • New Feature in Designer Copy & Paste Items: It is now possible to copy some pieces on the canvas and copy them to any place in the app in any screen.
  • New Feature Provide Feedback button: Users can report bugs, problem and ask for new features right from the Designer. They are directly added to our backlog. Leave your email, and we’ll notify you when it’s done.
  • Set size of a string for a field in the Modeler
  • Modeler is accessible from the designer dashboard
  • Reserved words validation in Modeler
  • Support for NOT function in loops
  • We validate and prevent you from using reserved words when you are creating your model.
  • “Functions” tab in designer: an interface to define functions
  • Designer toolbox searchable
  • Removed wide screen option in designer, introduced resolution options instead.
  • Pan and zoom features in designer have been added.

Fixes & Performance Enhancements

  • Showing the asterix for mandatory fields is now optional.
  • iOS has certain behaviors when it comes to displaying date time pickers. We solved our bugs on that issue.
  • We fixed a bug in our SQL generation that would cause trouble with reserved words.
  • Our bug on displaying a white page in between page navigations is fixed, that was a problem in low performance devices.
  • A bug that would prevent the TextArea to have events and the enabled variable is fixed.
  • In some Android devices, our apps would get a generic “application error” warning from the operating system, that is solved.
  • Enabling and disabling checkboxes had problems, solved.
  • Bug fix on domain creation, all necessary migrations are now ready. We were missing out the migrations for default entities like File, Photo etc. Those are now created now on new workspace creation.
  • Calculated fields are displayed when a display item is edited.
  • Bug fix: validate and warn user when renaming DI clashed with another DI
  • Order of event expressions are no more lost when one of them is edited.
  • SENDTOPRINTER has no difficulty sending the full page to the printer now.
  • Performance tuning: Reduced the amount of watchers we create in apps. We have a much more optimization for the amount of watchers we create in the apps and that boosts the performance.
  • Performance tuning: Management console data loading payload size reduced
  • Disable “swipe to go back” on iOS (which is the default behavior, but not compatible with our app designs)
  • See styling changes after you edit them.
  • Reduced the number of backend calls on single app packaging and improved the performance.
  • Reduced size of JSONs created. Reduced the amount of app design data storage, boosts performance.
  • SHOWLOADINGSPINNER is extended with a timeout, so it will never hang
  • Bug fix for sending push notifications to specific usernames. Push notification was sent to the generic app rather than the packaged app.
  • When uploading a file, if the same file is selected for a second time in a row, file selection would not be fixed. That bug is fixed.
  • Bug fix that was causing generation errors when displaying an entity and its relational data at the same time when the screen opens.