Here you create a screen and also edit properties of your applications.

  • Screen addition: You can create a new screen by clicking on  , fill in the screen information to New Screen panel.
  • New Screen Panel: Here you can name your screen.


It is also possible to reuse a screen template to be fed into your new screen’s design. (Mind you, the template’s design is copied to the new screen.)

  • App Properties Panel: Here you can modify app properties such as app name, app description. You can also track validation errors regarding your design.

App design validation reports:

Kuika Designer provides dynamically updated app design reports to help design more easily. Those reports contain warnings that inform you what is missing in your design (a mandatory expression, event binding of a button, etc.). Errors are represented with red circles.

You can also track those errors that occur due to some malfunctioning in the system. So you will know whether the error occurs simply because of an incomplete design or a system error.

You can reach report details from app properties panel. Those reports are updated periodically when you design your app, to make it easier to design your app and to make sure you have a complete design. You should resolve the issues in these reports to ensure a successful app creation.