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Software Engineer (Istanbul / Turkey)

With headquarters in San Francisco, Kuika is growing its core R&D team in Istanbul. We are looking for highly talented software developers with exceptional focus on customers and product quality that want to change the world.

Desired Technical Skills and Experience

B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field.

Minimum two (2) years of experience as a software engineer. Sound understanding of:

  • Object Oriented software design patterns and Computer Science fundamentals (e.g. data structures, algorithms)
  • Abstract thinking, with understanding of domain modeling
  • Web application development using modern frameworks
  • Programming language design and implementation is a plus

Preferred experience with:

  • C# development
  • Single page frontend development with Javascript using JS libraries/frameworks. (AngularJS, JQuery, etc.
  • Relational databases (e.g. Postgres, MS SQL ) and SQL
  • Server side development with Javascript is a plus
  • Hybrid or native mobile application development is a plus

Soft Skills

  • Being familiar or willing to work at a startup company and craving for a flexible, creative, professional, and productive work environment,
  • Having intense team spirit and loving to help teammates and share
  • Strong communication skills and clearly conveying his/her ideas to others
  • Critical thinking and ability to turn fleshed out ideas to design
  • Openness to learn, willingness to take on extra responsibilities
  • Caring about the customer, open to criticism and feedback
  • Listening and conscious understanding of customer needs

Why work for Kuika

  • We are devoted to become a global technology company,
  • We act with integrity and respectful to the laws,
  • We love and enjoy what we do,
  • We are obsessed with the excellence in every task, project, product and service,
  • We deliver results and reward success,
  • Our employees are the best in their field,
  • You will take pride in and love being a member of Kuika Team,
  • You will develop yourself by working with the best talent, and state-of-the-art technologies,
  • You will work hard in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where camaraderie is the norm,
  • You will express openly and freely your opinions and take part in decision making process,
  • You will have both authority and responsibility in doing your job.

Please send your CV to

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