Design & Development.

Kuika Designer gets enterprises a UI they really want, fast.

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Easily Combine
and Reuse Components

Open-source component libraries are already ready for you to use and integrating your own keeps yours private.


with Versioning

Save all your design history where you can go back and compare versions.

Discover what's possible in Designer, today!


Import your React component library and use it everywhere.


Export React code with one click.


Design your projects with an easy drag-drop interface.

Projects Management

Manage all your projects and screens in one place.

Properties & Style

Intuitively set the properties and style for each component.

Users & Roles

Manage users and their roles.

Design Approval

Ensure that all designs are approved before going live.


Screen history is saved with the help of Kuika’s versioning system.

Leap into the future

Get apps done Kuikly!

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